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Anthony Albanese to become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia
The final count following Australian Federal elections is about to be completed in the next few days
The voting count so far shows that Australian Labour Party under the leadership of Anthony Albanese is on its way to win the majority seats in Australian parliament in 2022 to be able to form the government at the centre.

Anthony Albanese will soon be declared the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. Scott Morrison, the incumbent Prime Minister had already conceded the defeat.

Anthony Albanese comes from a humble upbringing being born to a single mother and spending his childhood in council support accommodation in Sydney. He did not make any great promises that are different to the incumbent Prime Minister of Australia during the six weeks of lacklustre election campaign before election day this weekend in Australia. 

However, Mr Albanese did promise that he will bring in change that Australians may have wanted after nine years of government under the Liberal National Party Coalition. Not all Australians voted for change in favour of Anthony Albanese as many of the Australians were not able to make up their mind in terms of what kind of change they would have wanted to see under the leadership of Mr Albanese.

This resulted in many disillusioned Australian voters voting for Greens in Brisbane city, Queensland and to independent candidates in New South Wales state and Victoria State.

The votes for Greens and Independent candidates indicate that the change that Australians may have wanted this time is the serious commitment from elected leaders to address the looming climate catastrophe with increasing frequency of floods and bushfires in Australia. The elected Greens candidates and Independent candidates will now hold the ability to influence the decision making in Australian parliament and remind the elected government about the climate change policy priority.

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