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Australian Federal elections in may 2022
The federal elections are approaching fast this month in few weeks time.

Scott Morrison is fighting for another term as an incumbent Prime Minister of Australia. Mr Morrison is campaigning on the platform of stable economy and future jobs for Australians. He  is asking Australians to make a wise choice in choosing him over Mr Albanese about whom very little is known about in terms of ability to lead Australia through the change needed in post-Covid turbulent times. 

Anthony Albanese, on the other hand is asking Australian voters to vote for Labour party and elect him as the Prime Minister as Australians need new Labour government at the federal level to help them tide over the difficult economic situation ridden by one Trillion Dollars of public debt due to irresponsible spending spree by Mr Morrision's government.

It is hard to predict the current national mood in Australia at this stage. What is happening in the rest of the world including Ukraine war, global inflation and rising oil prices have certainly set the scene for a turbulent economy in coming months to years in Australia as inflation is already rising fast and there is the looming threat of interest rate raise from Reserve Bank of Australia.

The other key issues that will influence voters choice this month when choosing between current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and  Prime Ministerial candidate for Labour party, Mr Anthony Albanese include climate change, energy bills and national defense strategy in Australia. 

A few independent candidates are also contesting in crucial seats in New South Wales and Victoria states which could influence the final outcome of the Prime Ministerial choice for Australian. There are some other minor parties like United Australia Party and One Nation party which may not have real prospect of winning any seats but can cause some damage to the vote banks of major parties like Liberal party, Australian Labour party and Nationals party in regional seats in Queensland state and Western Australia.

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