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Britain finalizes the Brexit Bill with Europe
The biggest trade deal between United Kingdom and European Union, worth $ 1.2 Trillion was agreed in the last twelve hours. This deal took four years in making since the Tory conservative party in Britain came to power after Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister lead the Brexit movement. 

The trade deal will consolidate the trade opportunities between European union and United Kingdom and involves changes in the way that business happens between UK and EU. British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson who spoke to the nation after finalizing the deal said that this deal is worth $688 Billions a year and would protect employment opportunities in UK and would would allow trade between EU and UK without unnecessary tariffs and taxes.

This deal will also affect the way student exchanges take place between European nations and UK. It will also remove some of legal obligations that UK needed to meet while a part of European Union before Brexit deal.
The UK parliament will meet soon to pass the bill in a bipartisan way but many aspects of bill will need fine tuning and further scrutiny before celebrating the success of this historic deal for both sides of the deal.

The trade deal will ensure some economical stability to UK, this Christmas time while the whole nation is looking to end the turbulent year, 2020.
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