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Christmas celebrations under restrictions
Christmas celebrations in many parts of the world are adversely affected by the surge in Covid-19 infections. 

Total infections around the world have now crossed 75 Million. Severe restrictions are placed in London and many parts of Southern England as per the announcement made by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Many parts of USA have not been able to introduce any new restrictions in spite of the massive surge in new cases across United States. There is allegedly very poor adherence among many Americans to public health instructions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections in USA. This may not be helping the current situation in USA which is the worst affected nation by the Covid-19 disease so far.

Covid-19 vaccine is currently being rolled out in USA, China, Russia and Great Britain. However, the benefits of vaccination program may not be evident during Christmas, 2020 due to brief latent period before full immunity develops post Covid-19. vaccination.

Australia has lifted border restrictions and curbs of social gatherings in almost all states except for some parts of Sydney where there is a recent but small rise in new infections. As a result of the new cluster some states have announced recently that they may be imposing new travel restrictions to restrict free travel for residents of New South Wales prior to Christmas.

India has lifted restrictions on interstate travel and business operations completely in almost the entire country. There is reportedly fall in the number of new cases in India as per the CSSE report at John Hopkins University.

France may not be able to return to normal until Autumn, 2021 due to the slow progress in Vaccine roll out program. Germany will roll out vaccination program on the 27th of December with priority given to elderly people.Germany has tough lock down measures currently until the 10th of January, 2021 to prevent the rise in new Covid-19 infections.

The Christmas celebrations for many people in the world will be limited to indoors with only small group of close family members unlike the usual celebrations and mass gatherings every year prior to Covid-19 pandemic.

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