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Status Quo- Many parts of the World not ready for change
The recent election results in countries like Australia, India, Indonesia and Israel did surprise many global news pundits. People in all these countries reelected their incumbent leaders back to power.The world is refusing to change as if they are scared of the known unknown that accompanies the unwanted change.

India delivered a majority mandate to Mr Narendra Modi by reelecting his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) back to power. The unified opposition was unable to topple Modi in-spite of their tough line campaigning. Mr Modi has five more years to govern India without  having to do any major reshuffles in his cabinet and retaining many of his senior ministers.

Australia voted back Scott Morrison back to power by giving decent majority to Australian Coalition made up of Australian Liberal National Party and Nationals party. The Australian Labour Party was on the brink of grabbing the power reins until the elections results were announced. Australians voted for no change as they may have found it hard to trust the true intentions of Australian Labour Party , when it promised to bring more jobs and maintain budget growth by taking away existing tax benefits like Negative gearing and Franking credits.

Indonesia is going through a post election turmoil with opposition supporters conducting violent protests against the recent re-election of Mr Joko Widodo. Opposition party was led by General Prabowo Subianto  who finished seventeen Million votes behind Widodo but is still challenging the election results.

Israel elections were completed in April, 2019. Initially incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the backing of majority of parliament members to be able to form a new Government. Subsequently the traditional ally of Likud party, Mr Avigdor Liberman refused to bring his Yisrale Beytenu faction to support the coalition and reelect Mr Netanyahu.

These above results are indicative of a pattern suggestive of reluctance among the voters to even consider the thought of a new change. The voters intend to remain stuck with Status Quo. They refuse to embrace the change that can accompany new leaders. it almost looks like the national voters in all these countries decided to selfishly hold onto what they have at the moment.
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