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Risks of ride sharing services for women- from China to Australia
Chinese carpooling service canceled its ride-sharing app Hitch last week after a young woman was murdered by a driver during the ride-sharing in the Eastern city of Wenzhou. The twenty years old air stewardess texted her friends asking for help one hour after taking the ride, The police authorities could only manage to catch the culprit, a twenty-seven years old male after nearly fourteen hours following the complaint.

This is the second incident where the company failed to protect its ride-sharing users. There was a previous incident of murder by another driver of the same ride-sharing service. Didi Chuxing, the company which owns the ride-sharing services suspended hitch and carpooling services in the night time entirely. The company is reviewing its customer safety policy in the meantime. 

A seventeen-year-old girl was raped by an Uber driver in Sydney after picking up three women after a night out on Sunday Morning this week. The driver dropped off two passengers first in Bondi and the seventeen-year-old girl remained in the car to get to her next destination. The thirty-seven-year-old uber driver, Onur Dedeoglu raped the young passenger after she fell asleep in the car.

The police managed to catch the uber driver after the young women provided the description of the driver. Sydney police issued a warning to the drivers engaged in predatory behavior that they will be caught.

Uber has suspended the driver in the meantime and issued a statement about the driver suspension.

Both the recent incidents involving ride-sharing services sheds light on the dangers to the passengers utilizing these services especially when the adequate driver checks are not in place to prevent such incidents. The passengers should be more vigilant while using such services especially when travelling alone and during night time.

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