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New European study report disproves the exaggerated figures on antimicrobial resistance published by AMR report.

A new study findings published in PLOS medicine high lights the several errors from report published by Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) review, a body set up by Mr David Cameron in 2014 and led by a senior banking official, Lord Jim O'neill.

The study was led by Ms Marlieke De Kracker at the Genevea University Hospitals.

As per the conclusions of the study three major errors were present in AMR review which potentially could have lead to undermining of global efforts against emergence of multi resistant super bugs. AMR review posted exaggerated estimates of human deaths in millions in the so called post-antibiotic era in its report published in 2016.

Lord O'Neil submitted a completed report on threat of super bugs and antibiotic resistance in May 2016. He recently presented his report findings to UN in New York. His report estimated nearly ten million deaths per year if necessary action is not taken against indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

The findings of AMR report were endorsed by Mr David Cameron who warned the world leaders of potential threat of dark ages if necessary action is not initiated. United Nations, WHO, G7, European Commission and many major bodies published the reports findings and endorsed the views of AMR review without critically analyzing the findings of the report.

The new study findings published this month from Ms De Kracker's review indicate that AMR review report and its exaggerated estimates of deaths in millions does not hold the external scientific validity as these figures are generated by inappropriate estimates from specialist hospitals across UK which generally harbor high infection rates.

In general most of the current literature points to reduced number of deaths from Infections all over the world and indicates improved infection control practices in general across the globe.

These new study findings from Ms De Kracker's group reminds the scientific communities again about the dangers of overuse of antibiotics but estimates the death to be around a maximum of seven hundred thousand deaths per year rather the exaggerated ten million deaths quoted in Lord O'Neill's report from the UK.

Ms De Kracker's study findings points to the fact that AMR review report on antimicrobial resistance may not be entirely reliable and medical communities all over the world should review the latest evidence base before they quote these unreliable figures generated in the Lord O"neill's UK report.

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