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Blame it on immigration
Tory leaders are busy this week again blaming immigration and overseas students for current problems faced by Britain and earlier this week the home secretary promised more tight rules for immigrants and students seeking jobs in Britain.

The current Prime Minister is known for her ruthless stand against economic immigrants in the past. Blaming immigrants for the current woes of of Britain has become a norm these days.

Britain once took great pride for showing the rest of the world how economic immigrants can benefit the economy and subsequently lead to a successful multicultural society.

These days Britain is emerging as the least favored nation for immigrants due to politically motivated racial segregation and tensions in the nation.

Immigrants have contributed a great deal in making great Britain a successful economy with great economic power.The current leaders need to stop blaming immigrants for the self created problems due to poor foresight and improper planning. 

Immigrants can serve as a real work force and help this great nation retain its economic strengths without depending on the government subsidies and benefits. 

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