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Smriti Irani leaves education portfolio to take up textiles
Prakash Javedkar is now the Minister of education in Indian government.
Smriti Irani faced huge controversies during her tenure including lot of speculations about her own education credentials.
Major unrest erupted in Osmania university and JNU university disrupting education at both these universities in the last one year. Smriti Irani somehow managed to survive all these controversies until the recent change of portofolios by Prime Minister Modi.
Prakash Javedkar is a good speaker and has clear and strong personal views on many issues unlike many other contemporary politicians who become ministers in India. 
What Indian higher education needs at this stage is a rethink of structure and focus on introducing skill based courses at smaller towns and second tier cities rather than the existing big cities.
Young individuals should be able to visualise a pathway in skill based occupations through these well designed courses regulated by Government. One example is plumbing and other completely different example is old age care.
Prime minister Modi's government is trying to introduce radical changes in many sectors including introduction of GST and increasing FDI percentage in selected industries.
Prakash Javedkar should take this opportunity to introduce radical changes in Indian higher education sector and skill based sector and pave the way to create a skill equipped generation of work force to take the emerging Indian economy forward in real sense.
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