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United Kingdom after Brexit
United Kingdom had officially voted for Brexit last week. 
There are various ongoing speculations about the financial implications of this decision on the future of the nation.
Britain always took great pride on its past achievements and its sovereignty. 
Joining European union certainly enhanced its role in becoming a part of greater trade with the rest of the world particularly USA.
Brexit would certainly affect the negotiating powers of the UK with the trade power houses in the current world i.e China, USA and emerging powers like India and Russia.
Immigration still contributes to the greater skill mix and workforce in the UK.
Brexit would by no means put UK forward in the field of innovation and business investment.
There is lack of true leadership in the UK politics and there is total lack of plan among the existing elected leadership in dealing with the aftermath of Brexit.
The division of opinion among the British nationals about the association of UK with the rest of the Europe was clearly exposed by the referendum last week.
Scotland and Northern Ireland are trying to negotiate their independent standing in the mean time with Europe using their common sense.
It is certainly going to be a chaos in the next few weeks and even months until a true leadership emerges out to save this once a mighty Kingdom .
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